The Story

Fig & Moss was born out of a desire to find a creative outlet that tied into my background in museums and textiles. With small children and a small support network, I wanted to stay home while I worked but in time this little side gig grew into a full time job, a source of friendship and inspiration, and a business with a big heart. I had just learned how to operate a sewing machine as a tribute to my grandmother, who was a seamstress. In a way this is the best of both worlds: a bridge between my daughter and my grandmother, the Mediterranean -fig- and the Pacific Northwest -moss-. Here at Fig & Moss we create unique bows out of unexpected materials as well as offer classic and traditional bows in beautiful linens and premium cotton. Thank you for being here, your support means so much to me and my family. 



Spark a Connection

Motherhood takes all we have sometimes. But it’s all worth it when you see that sweet smile, the light in their eyes, and that bow that makes all your fabric dreams come true - not to mention matches her outfit perfectly, and, ahem, looks adorable on her. She’s the perfect bow model whether she has a full head of hair or slowly getting there. Bows spark that joy and brighten our days a little more. Bows spark a connection with other bow moms who find joy in dressing their girls in cute clothes (feel free to join us at Fig & Moss Inner Circle Moms on Facebook where we share bows and stories!)

Supporting Artisans

We love sourcing fabric and yarn from small shops, artisans, and textile artists. For our sweater bows, we use high quality merino wool hand-dyed in small batches. Supporting artisans and teaming up with creatives brings joy and excitement to our products. Our bows are made by moms who work from home to support their families and do their absolute best to keep the standard of quality in each bow. This conversation with makers and beauty-seekers turns into stories told with quirky, eclectic, top-notch bows that make their way into your stories and pictures.

Family & Memories

It’s a family affair. We are all busy moms who juggle work, home, children, and self-care (every once in a while). Here at Fig & Moss we do our best to ensure variety and availability so you can browse bows at your own pace and shop for accessories that complete your daughter’s style (as well as bow ties that match the bows!). We offer a large variety of colors and textures so you can find a match made in heaven to those beautifully coordinated outfits for family pictures!

Quality & Customer Service

Other than seeking unique fabrics and the right colors, we hone in on quality. All Fig & Moss bows are made intentionally to have pointy corners, perfect ties, and they are pressed to impress. Quality is so important to us we take care of our customers when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, we replace the product at no charge to you. This “no-hassle” policy has gained us many loyal customers who cannot say enough good things about our customer care.


We are so thankful for and deeply care about the moms that support and makes up the small shop community. We give back often by donating items to benefit auctions or donating directly to institutions. So far, we have donated to the Arthritis Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, American Red Cross, and the Loveland Foundation and we will continue to donate to causes that make life better for those who are near and far.